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Tolerance of Hate & Oppression

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Hate and oppression are not things that need tolerance. Tolerance is about accepting a person’s right to believe as they want and to live their life how they want. It’s *not* about accepting that what they’re doing is good or right or even OK under *your* book. It *is* about accepting that they get to have that choice. It is *not* about accepting that someone has the right to force you to live your life by *someone else’s* decisions. It also does *not* mean that you have to accept it socially, if you don’t want to. But, hate and oppression move beyond believing differently and living your life differently. So, they don’t need tolerance.

I will speak out against hate and oppression. This includes when it’s against people that I don’t like or agree with. I will speak truth to power as much as I can. I will vote with my dollars. I ¬†will actually vote against inequality and hatred.

Equality is pretty easy — you get to live your life the way that you choose. You get to believe whatever you want to believe. You do *not* get to *enforce* those beliefs through law. You do not get to discriminate in the public arena on the basis of those beliefs. That’s the underlying fundamental principle of the 1st Amendment. I do not get to force you to live under my personal moral code as an atheist anymore than you get to force me to live my life by your reading of the Bible. We both get to chose how to live our personal lives.

While I will not join in on mass shaming of individuals, I also choose to not have large volumes of hate or disruption in my life — so I may drop relationships if they are full of hate.

This is brought to you by a recent kerfluffle in the convention-going end of my world.