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Age: 39..Birthday: Jan. 31st...IQ: Between 130 and 170...MB: ENTP/INTP

Sheye grew up reading Roger Zelazny and Piers Anthony books that were left around the house by her uncle. She is a gadgety, geeky, queer, fat, activist-type of Native. She has a passion for social justice and civil liberties. She lives in the Seattle-area with her husband, two 16yo children, a ton of Magic cards, The Box of Many Munchkins, over 800 heroscape figures, several video game systems and more computers than humans. In her day job, Sheye is an Excel geek.

Sheye is politically active and supports civil liberties to a very high level. She is a big supporter of the Bill of Rights. She believes in freedom of all kinds. She believes in religious freedom, personal freedom, free speech, and free expression. She enjoys constitutional history, politics, philosphy, religion, current events, etc. At best, she'd call herself a pseudo-intellectual claiming that she will never have read all the right books or know the right quotes or remember the correct authors. She makes her own soap, lip balm and muscle rub.

She is spiritual, but not religious. Sheye believes that corruption has destroyed most of organized religion's idealism. She is a supporter of Social Justice, GBLTQ rights, a legal marriage abolitionist, civil libertarian (including gun rights), pro-choice but anti-abortion, pro universal healthcare, pro education. And a lot more not listed here.

Moderation in all things including moderation.

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